Featured Upcoming Vegan Events

  • Sunday, April 22
    Walk to End Genocide
  • Sunday, April 29
    Buddha's Birthday
  • Sunday, May 6
    Herbivore Festival
  • Sunday, May 6
    Veg Fest
  • Sunday, May 6
    Gluten-Free Expo
  • Saturday, May 12
    Vegan Prom
  • Sat–Sun, May 19–20
    Plant-Based Conference
  • Monday, May 28
    National Burger Day Celebration
  • Saturday, June 16
    Vegan Playground
  • Thursday, June 21
    Summer Solstice

Bring a non-vegan friend : )

Let's Make Every Day a VEGAN DAY

Since 1944, though, World Vegan Day has been on November 1st -
Be sure to have it marked on your calendar -
We will have a grand celebration then again -
Come back to this website to find out more each year -

Are you vegan (or vegan interested) and wanting to enjoy

For more info on these upcoming events, please feel free to join
the Vegan Foodies Meetup Meetup or Facebook Facebook Group

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